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Where do you think fish get their oil?

Fish don't actually make fish oil...

Big fish eat medium fish.

Medium fish eat little fish.

Little fish eat tiny krill.

And krill don't make krill oil either...

Krill eat algae.

All fish oil was originally made by algae using water, carbon dioxide and pure sunlight.

The higher you go on the food chain, the more toxins are accumulated in the oil. 

Even before modern pollution, large fossil fish like tuna were high in methyl mercury...

Fish oil needs to be carefully processed, fractionated, filtered and monitored for heavy metals and other toxins to be safe.

That means it is no longer a whole food.

It is missing important oils that every cell membrane needs, like ceramides.

That's why we use Whole Algae Oil.

It is a whole food.

Its phytoceramide content is intact.

Ceramides are essential for the cell membrane to regulate biocommunication and processes of cell nutrition.

They are also necessary to build and repair the myelin sheath that protects and insulates many nerves.

They form metabolites that regulate metabolism and functions like insulin sensitivity.

What you see on the outside is the anti-aging and healing benefits to the skin, because the skin is the fractal equivalent of the cell membrane for your whole body.

And of course, Whole Algae Oil naturally supplies a high potency and purity of the Omega 3 fatty acids that so many people get only in isolated form from fish oil supplements.

We also add a range of powerful fat soluble nutrients and phytonutrients because fat soluble ingredients help each other's bioavailability.

The spectrum of fat soluble coenzymes are Vitamins A, C (in the fat soluble form, Ascorbyl Palmitate), D3, E (mixed tocopherols), and K2 (as MK-7)

These include Safranal, a powerful vision enhancing carotenoid in the world's most expensive spice, Saffron, the anthocyanin C3G (Cyanidin 3-Glucoside) from black rice, once forbidden to anyone but the Emperor of the Middle Kingdom, and lemon oil to support stabilitity and digestion.

The gel capsule is made from seaweed, and the beautiful orange coloring is provided by Curcumin, another powerful phytonutrient with a polyphenol structure, like C3G.

This thoughtfully crafted formula is an example of our highly prized Functional Formulations™.

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